The Bidding Process

To be included in the bidding process, you must:

The home will be open for inspection for two days only, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am to 4:00pm. Bids may be left at any time during these inspection hours. The owners will tell anyone the status of any bid at any time. Inquiries can be made by coming by the house during inspection hours and looking at current bids, or by contacting the owners by phone during inspection hours.

The round-robin bidding process will begin at 7:00pm, Sunday evening. The highest bidder will be called first. The next-highest bidder will get the second call, and so forth down the list.

Each time you receive a call, you will have two options:

If there is more than one bid at the same level, the earliest bid will be given preference.

On the condition of the owners' acceptance, the highest bidder will be offered the home at his or her highest bid price. All bids are made on the home as is